Thursday, July 12, 2007

Operation IF

nuff said...

Herr Hitler explains his program

From the New Book of Knowledge encyclopedia, 1936 edition

I'm guessing he wasn't explaining that his programme included world domination, the destruction of Europe, and the massacre of millions. And they forgot to note that his success was also due to fanatic demagoguery, sophisticated propaganda, and the ruthless extermination of his opponents.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thinking outside of the drops

I finally took the plunge and converted my Surly road bike to use trial bars (rather than the drops I had before). I was worried about how the STI levers w0uld perform in this highly non-standard configuration, but I needn't have - it's great! Much easier on the hands than riding on the drops, with more hand positions. The shifting and braking actually work better than they do in the drop bar position. So I get the best of both worlds - flat bars, with that sweet STI shifting...

Maple Mountain

A glorious hike on a day salvaged from a dreary weekend. Finished off with gourmet Belgian-West Coast cuisine at the Grapevine in Maple Bay. The total West Coast experience...